Wireless RF Remote Control Extender


Wireless RF Remote Control Extender.   Works through walls, windows, doors, & floors..  

Next Generation Remote Extender


  • Operating Range: Up to 100+ feet (30+ Meters)
  • Operating Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • A/C Adapter Voltage: Input: 110 V AC, 60 Hz
  • Output: DC 12 V, Minimum 100 mA
  • Battery: 1.5 V 2/3 AAA (Rechargable)
  • FCC ID #: SB7AAA
  • IC #: 5216A-AAA

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: I have two units to control, each with its own remote. Can I use a single LRRX RF receiver to control both units using their respective remotes?

A: Yes - The two units would need to be relatively close to each other. An extra battery/transmitter is required for the second remote, see link to extra RF transmitter/battery, and you would also need a two-output IR emitter cord, see link for dual-output emitter.

Q: If I want to buy two of these systems to control two different cable boxes, it seems to me that every time I use a remote it would affect both boxes unless the transmitter/receiver can be setup to work off different channels (via dipswitch). Is this a possibility?

A: All this device does is convert IR signal to RF and then back again to IR. The differences in controllers would have to be set up with the units being controlled. Similar to changing the remote codes for satellite rec as well as wireless phone jacks.

Q: Would use of this system cause interference with another remote extender system that I am using?

A: If they were pointed directly at the other devices, there shouldnt be any problems.


  • Control A/V components up to 100+ feet
  • See in-depth functionality and detailed installation instructions
  • Works with any IR (Infared Remote) controlled device
  • Stereo, TV, Cable, Satellite, DVD Player or VCR
  • Extra RF Transmitter / Batteries are available, see link
  • Includes rechargeable battery, charger, transmitter, and remote signal receiver. Does not include remote control.
  • Place rechargeable battery & transmitter in remote
  • the transmitter is in the battery
  • Point receiver unit at infrared A/V components
  • Contains rechargeable battery and charger
  • Freedom to control A/V components from room-to-room
  • Requires no attachments to front of remote
  • Convert more than one remote
  • Works through walls, windows, doors, & floors


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